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Project based learning is an important part of Killarney Mini School and we teach the concepts of this in our Project Innovation Mini School courses. These courses allows students to further explore the curricular material of their school year in a series of rigorous cross curricular student led projects. The philosophy of this course, and project based learning as a whole, is that student engagement and learning is improved through increasing student choice and accountability. Our goal is to allow students to develop the skills needed to be motivated an enthusiastic learners.

Students enrolled in Killarney Mini School must take the following:

  • Project Innovation Mini 8 (which replaces EITHER the grade 8 fine arts elective OR applied skills 8)
  • Project Innovation Mini 10 (an off time table "9th" course in the grade 10 year)

During the grade 9 year students will use and expand on the project based learning tools that they learned in grade 8 in projects that will happen as part of their English, Science and Social Studies courses. Some of these projects may include scheduled meetings during I-time, lunch hour or after school. This will depend on the schedule of the students and teach involved as well as the project being worked on.science fair project copy.jpg

Some examples of past projects:
  • A biology/fine arts project (where students created amazing works of art!)
  • Science fair projects galore.
  • The Giraffe Project (where students organize volunteering to address a need in the community)
  • Be The Change projects that combine the curricula of Social Studies, English and Science
  • Destination Imagination projects (for the competition that occurs each year)

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