Each September we take in 30 new grade 8 Mini School students. The process of selecting these students begins in the fall of the year before and includes the following steps:

  • Apply to Write the DSAP test in November of your grade 7 year. This test is a district test and must be written to apply for many different Mini Schools in the Vancouver School District. Information for how to apply to this and the timeline for this application is available at the vsb site (VSB District Mini School Information page)

  • Write the DSAP test. This usually happens one afternoon in November/December. Most students will write the test at the high school they are in the catchment area for. to write the test you MUST sign up by the deadline available at the VSB District Mini School Information page

  • Apply directly to Killarney Mini School. Each Mini School you want to apply for has a different application process, and you MUST apply to each school directly using the forms that they provide. The deadline for Applying to Killarney Mini School is typically in December of your grade 7 year. The forms for our application process can be found at this link

  • Of our total number of applicants we offer interviews to approximately 60 - 90 students. These interviews occur typically in January/February of your grade 7 school year. We do not offer alternate dates for our interviews so make sure that you are available for our interview dates if you are interested in attending Killarney Mini School. Specific details for the timeline for the current application process are available at this link

  • In February of each year all the Mini Schools in the VSB will send offers to their successful applicants on exactly the same dates. There are two official "rounds" of offers that occur and the dates for these are available here Occasionally students will be sent an offer after the published dates for second offers if there is still room in the program.