In Killarney Mini School students are given the opportunity to extend their knowledge in real world situations on a variety of field trips. These trips extend the curricula of the core Mini School subject courses and allow students opportunities to challenge themselves as they learn about the natural environment and culture of British Columbia.

Though the locations of these trips vary the main theme remains the same. Each trip is designed to include training in leadership skills, opportunities for group and team work and encourage students to become well rounded learners. Many of these trips also include the exploration of natural British Columbia, challenging physical activities and education surrounding the concepts of overcoming challenges, the environment and sustainably.

Each year different trips may occur. A typical year includes 2 - 4 day trips (ranging in price from $20 - $100 each) one 2-3 day trip in the fall ($200 - $400) and one five day trip in the spring ($600-$700).

The trips for a typical example school year are shown belowclimbing.JPG

Grade 8
  • Bard on the Beach day trip
  • Camp Fircom 3 day trip
  • Pathology museum and science world day trip
  • Grouse Mountain snowshoe and BC education day trip
  • Strathcona Park Lodge 5 day spring trip

Grade 9
  • Bard on the Beach day trip
  • Camp Fircom 3 day trip
  • Hollyburn Mountain Cross country Ski day trip
  • Stratchona Park Lodge 5 day spring trip

Grade 10
  • Bard on the Beach day trip
  • Victoria 2 day trip
  • Fish Hatchery day trip
  • Snowtubing and snowshoeing Hollyburn mountain day trip
  • Sharing Tree Organic farm day trip
  • Barkerville Historic Town and Hat Creek Ranch 5 day spring trip

camp fire.JPG