FAQ for Grade 7 Applicants to Killarney Mini School
How do I apply to Killarney Mini School?

To be considered for Killarney Mini School you must apply for and write the DSAP test AND apply DIRECTLY to Killarney Secondary in the fall of your Grade 7 year. From the list of students who do both of these things we will offer interviews to between 60 - 90 students in January of that same school year. Information for the timeline of the DSAP application, Killarney Mini School application, interviews and offers of placement can be found at

How do you select your Mini School students?

We generate the list of students we will offer a placement to, and our waiting list of students who may be offered a place based on three different factors: the average scores in the "core" subjects of grade 6 ad 7 (English, Socials, Science and Math), the DSAP test scores and the interview score. Each year we have many more applicants than we can offer placements to and though many of our applicants are excellent there is a lot of competition for only 30 spots so not all applicants will be offered an interview or a place in our program.

Are there Mini School Math courses?

No, there are no Mini School Math courses, but Killarney does offer Accelerated Honours Math courses that fit well into the schedule of Mini School students. To get into The Honours Math program grade 7 students must apply directly to the Math department at Killarney, write the Gauss Math Competition and the Math Honours Entrance Assessment. More details can be found at the Math Honours Webpage:

FAQ for successful Grade 7 Applicants to Killarney Mini School

I have been told I have to choose between Project Innovation Mini 8 replacing Applied Skills or the fine arts elective. What are those two courses about?

Applied Skills is a course in three parts: Home Economics, Technical Studies and Business Education.
The Fine Arts Elective is one of 6 possible courses (depending on the selection made by parents and students): Band 8 beginners, Band 8 advanced, Strings 8 beginners, Strings 8 advanced, Art/Drama or Chorus 8. Detailed course descriptions for these electives are available in the grade 8 handbook. http://killarney.vsb.bc.ca/upload/HBookGr8.14-15%20-%20Feb%2025.pdf

Do I ever have to "make up" the course that Project Innovation Mini 8 replaces?

No, you do not have to make up the course that Project Innovation Mini 8 replaces. Applied Skills 8 is not a prerequisite for anything and will not need to be made up by Mini School students at any point should they choose to replace it with Project Innovation Mini 8. Elements of Applied Skills will be covered in Project Innovation Mini 8.
Art/Drama and Chorus 8 are not prerequisites for any other courses and will not need to be made up by Mini School students at any point should they choose to replace it with Project Innovation Mini 8. Should a Mini School student wish to take band or strings in grade 9 they will be enrolled in the appropriate course for their ability level and experience.

What is Project Innovation Mini 8 about?

Project Innovation Mini 8 is a course that teaches students the concepts of project based learning. Throughout the year they will work on rigorous cross curricular projects (sometimes in groups and sometimes alone) where they have to organize and plan their time usage, track their progress using a variety of online blogs and tools, and create a meaningful final product that is viewed by a wider audience than just the classroom. (perhaps this will be a video posted on a youtube channel, or a piece of art viewed by parents and the community on a gallery night, or possibly a charity event organized and run by students. Since the projects are designed to get increasingly open ended as the course progresses and allow room for student choice the end results can be varied and interesting)

Is there a Project Innovation 9 and a Project Innovation 10?

In Grade 9 students the Project Innovation "course" is not a separate course, but is included in the English, Socials and Science Mini 9 courses. This may include some "off timetable" project work during some I-time, lunch time or after school periods depending on the project being worked on and the schedule of the students.
In Grade 10 Project Innovation Mini 10 will be an "off timetable" course that will count as a 9th course for students. It will consist largely of independent student projects with scheduled "check ins" with the course teacher during either I-time, lunch, early morning or after school. (depending on the schedule of the students, teacher and the project being worked on)

Do I have to take Project Innovation to be in Mini School?

Yes, the Project Innovation courses are a requirement for Mini School students. One of the main goals of Killarney Mini School is to teach students to be self motivated learners who think outside of the box and have the tools to succeed in the increasingly competitive post secondary education system and job market. The way we approach this it to teach students the fundamentals of these concepts in Project Innovation 8 and Project Innovation 10 (as well as in the project based learning portions of the grade 9 Mini School courses) and feel that this is a very important part of their education at Killarney Mini School and thus the Project Innovation courses are required.